Toxic End

is the self-released 3rd album for this Swiss trio of thrashers. They bring a speedy and unrelenting brand of old school thrash, executing their craft like dentists wielding jackhammers to bring on the pain. You quickly forget about your toothache, because your whole head is now hurting. Slayer, Metallica, and early Deliverance come to mind, but with a punk ethos to the shouted vocals, more like Metallica mainman James Hetfield or The Crucified crooner Mark Saloman, singing about important issues such “Thrash Will Never Die,” “Brain Dead” (Machine), and “Beer Attack.” Guitar work is spot on as singer Jonathan’s fingers burn up and down the frets. Drumming is fierce and unrelenting, but as Simon beats the daylights out of the skins, the only drawback is that you realize that the drumming changes very little from song to song. Highlights are songs with gang vocals, like “Hell on Earth” and “Friendly Fire.” Recommended. Available from the band worldwide at and from in the US. (indie) 4 stars out of 5

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