CONSECRATOR: Image of Deception

Originally released as a “demo” type self-released tape in 1992, Image of Deception was only known to a small handful who got their hand’s on one at the time. Metal as a whole was starting to decline to a degree (not to me of course), and even in the Christian market, alternative music was starting to rise in popularity. So a thrash metal band, even one on a high caliber like Consecrator, never got the deserved label attention, and ended up fading into obscurity.

In 2004, Bombworks records not only did the band a great justice, but the metal community as a whole, by releasing a compilation of the earlier 1990 demo along with Image of Deception on one CD, preserving the magic, and increasing the exposure of a great band that so many had originally missed (myself included).

While Consecrator were walking the same path as other great thrash bands before them, such as Believer, Sacrament and Betrayal, they had a sound that I appreciated in a different way than the aforementioned bands. They do not have that melodic thrash sound of bands like Deliverance, or the harsher vocal styles of Vengeance Rising, but a good mid-range heaviness that was still understandable.  Because of that, the Bombworks release quickly became one of my favorites and even in recent years continued to get frequent plays. So when word hit of a remastered reissue — and on vinyl also — I was ecstatic!

The official release date isn’t until October 13th, so I am patiently awaiting the receipt of the official CD and vinyl releases that I quickly pre-ordered when possible. But for now, let me tell you what I know from listening to the digital tracks I have received.

So, if you own the 2004 Bombworks reissue, you may wonder if you really need to buy this release again, right? Well, I say yes, for (at least) three reasons.

Reason #1: Admittedly, a side by side comparison of the digital remastered tracks with the digital 2004 release doesn’t reveal a really-super-noticeable-major difference, and may not be enough to blow away the average listener, but there is a difference for sure. The new version has a bit more bottom end even on smaller computer speakers, so the tracks sound more full and less tinny throughout. I can only imagine how much better this extra bottom-end will sound on the vinyl edition. And of course, depending on the quality of the speakers/system you listen through, this difference will be much more noticeable. So, sound quality is improved overall.

Reason #2: A new previously unreleased track! Yes, a new track not found on previous releases, recorded in 2005, is found here. So picking up this edition of the release is required if you are a completest like me that wants the band’s whole catalog of tracks in one set. Check out the video for the track here:

Reason #3: The CD edition comes with a bonus DVD disc, so that is a huge reason in and of itself. This is a piece of history never before released, so you need to grab it here. It contains a live performance from 1992, the height of their days and the time frame of this album.

For you vinyl enthusiasts, act fast, it is a limited release, with only 150 pieces being pressed, and comes with a replica 8″x10″ photo, as well as a printed new interview with guitarist James Chavez. What a cool package that will be.

Consecrator - Promo photo

So, if you enjoy what I guess is now considered “old school” thrash, you NEED this release. You NEED to either buy the CD/DVD combo, or the vinyl — or both, like I did. If you bought the 2004 edition, and are not one of those hard core collectors that wants to own multiple copies of a band’s material, then feel free to sell your original copy to a collector who does want them all, and reinvest in this new deluxe edition. Plus, supporting re-issues is always important if you wish to see companies continue to invest in putting them out in the future.

Speaking of companies, this release is the first release from Scott Waters’ (Ultimatum/Once Dead) new No Life Til Metal label, and is released in conjunction with Roxx Records. If you missed the previous Heaven’s Metal report and video from Scott on this, check it out HERE. Then go and pre-order it now HERE and watch for it coming in mid-October.

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