TIMORATUS: Reverentia

If you’ve been into metal music for some time, you’ve probably come to realize that not much is truly new or groundbreaking anymore. Genres become oversaturated, and splinter off into subgenres, and merge with others to make new variations, musical cycles come and go, and come again. Experimental worship remains one of the few frontiers in metal. Timoratus, or David Napier,  is a one man band from Kentucky exploring what new ways we can make a joyful noise unto the Lord. Timoratus contributed a song to the excellent Hymns of the Blackest Light comp. Interestingly, each of their albums (I think this is the first available in a physical format) is a different style- death, grind, doom, black, etc.  Reverentia explores ambient and post-black metal, particularly in a style I might call drone metal- the artist refers to as funeral doom. “Weight of the World” and “Mere Symbols” are complete songs with post-black vocals. “Communion: The Bread” and “Communion: The Cup” offer ominous sounding instrumental pieces that could be a backdrop for the breaking of the bread. The last 3 songs are popular praise and worship songs reworked in the drone metal style.  The style clearly has its limitations. Heavy, reverberating, but ridiculously slow, and more synth based than guitar based. I grew weary of it quickly, but remain excited about what other experiments Timoratus will bring us. (Christian Metal Underground) 2.5 out of 5 stars

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