BIG CHRIS & D' BARE BONES BAND: When Your Time Comes

This blues CD came out in 2016, but we’re reviewing it at the request of the band. Most of the time Big Chris & DBBB falls into the blues rock genre, but occasionally drifts into other territory. Some songs run a tight line between blues and outlaw country, like “Life’s Just Bad” and “Punch in the Face,” owing mostly to the vocal delivery. Other songs lay down a slow and steady drumbeat with a groove of bluesy distorted guitar similar to ZZ Top.

“Daddy’s Little Girl” and “Thank You”  have an alternative rock feel, like Three Doors Down. Big Chris (if indeed that is the singer’s name) utilizes a clean mid range voice that distinguishes him from the down and dirty raspy vocals that Glenn Kaiser (Rez) is known for. The lyrics can be blunt, such as “When Your Time Comes” or “Punch in the Face,” but most don’t take themselves seriously, the best example being the hilarious A Christmas Story-themed “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out.” Matters get serious for “Girl in the Window” and “Daddy’s Little Girl” where the band tackles child abuse and incest. Bride fans will remember the line “I hope you and Jesus have it all worked out” from “Hired Gun” in the title track here. And break out the canned cheese for a George Thorogood parody with “Bound for a Throne.” When Your Time Comes is a fun CD, more rollicking than hard driving. “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out” is worth the price of admission, all by itself. (indie) 3 out of 5 stars

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