Erie metalcore band War of Ages has been the heir apparent of the Lake Erie Effect Hardcore scene since 2002. So it’s pretty cool that the album artwork was done by xDisciplex AD alum Dave Quiggle in his distinctive style- the familiar warrior and lion motifs are both present. Ably led by Leroy Hamp, War of Ages is a band that’s become very good at being metalcore kings, consistently putting out great albums with great content. But they are anything but typical metalcore fare. Yes, you’ll find breakdowns and hardcore vocals aplenty, but much like Soilwork has done over the last few albums, melodic vocals account for more and more of the songs. The other surprise element is the progressive rock element that is creeping in via the guitarists. Sometimes it’s riffs here and there that are astoundingly unusual or complicated defying your expectations, or the dueling guitar soloing in “Warpath,” but the instrumental song “Immunity Revoked” just goes full-on prog metal and I find myself wanting to stand up and give an ovation. Coloring outside the lines and defying expectations is just so… metal! The last song “Cut Throat” even has a Lamb of God feel to it. There’s much to like here- hardcore, some metal, melody, progression, some seriously good guitars, and lyrics promoting living out the Christian faith. If you look close, you may even find some metal praise music: “So hold me in your arms- And let me dwell within your favor- Lead me through the fullness of you- Never let go- Even when my flesh takes over me- We’ll battle on we will battle on- We trust in the heart of his Son” from “Fullness.” Great stuff! (Facedown Records) 4 out of 4 stars

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