LOVEWAR: Lovewar

Lovewar, that funky hard rock band who released a lone album way back in 1993 on Pakaderm Records entitled Soak Your Brain, have finally released their sophomore album.  Simply entitled Lovewar, this release allows us to hear songs written from 1994-1996. This release originally started as a Kickstarter project, but later Roxx Records got involved to help with the distribution and manufacturing.

With a sound that lies somewhere between Extreme, Kings X and perhaps the Red Hot Chili Peppers, (maybe even Living Colour) this album kicks one up the backside and lets the groove fall all over you.  The energy and drive move this entire release along with plenty of melody and memorable songs throughout. Did I say this disc rocks? I thought I just did!!

When I first popped this album in my cd player, (yes I still use of those!!) I wasn’t sure what to expect song- wise or production wise. Well if you enjoyed their debut from 1993 you will definitely dig this! Tim Bushong (vocals, guitars), Greg Purlee (drums) and Rick Armstrong (bass) have crafted a fantastic hard rock album. Their performances are amazing with stellar instrumental tones, crunchy and chunky, with plenty of punch, drive and clarity.

With memorable tracks such as “Upside Your Face” (my personal favorite), the bluesy “Tuxedo Alligator” or album opener “Who I Am,” it’s really hard to go wrong here. Take a listen to the lyric video for the whimsical “Candle.”  No grinding, growling, light speed pummeling auditory assault here. The instrumental interplay between these guys on say “One – Trick Pony” is almost progressive in nature, but with a great melody. This is world class rock music that I would love to see in a live environment, but alas, probably will never get to.  “Up for a Fight” would be a great concert opener!!

Lyrically the songs are all over the place, but as in the debut, politics aren’t shied away from. Whether you agree or not is up to the listener. Unfortunately, a lyric sheet was not included in the disc I received, so a more detailed examination isn’t available from me at this point.  A cool collage of live photos from the bands live performances back in the 90’s appears in the cover insert.

If you’re concerned about this material sounding “dated” I simply would say this; what does that even mean? In this day and age when every style of music is everywhere, style is almost irrelevant.  When I hear someone say “that’s so 80’s!” (Not the case here) I just ask what does that mean. As an aside, Judas Priest put out a new album last year and some people were saying ’80s!!” … no it’s Judas Priest.  What were they going to sound like?

This is record is memorable. This record is a breath of fresh air to my ears.  This record is produced incredibly well. This record is something you need NEED to grab, hear, and consume. This record is the new Lovewar album, buy it now!! (Roxx Productions)

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