TEMPLE OF BLOOD: Overlord (Remastered)

Not familiar with Temple of Blood you say? Who?? Well my friend, step right up to one of the lost gems of old school power/speed metal with a Christian point of view. Temple of Blood deliver on so many levels it’s pretty amazing. Filling in the same musical arena as Agent Steel, Helstar or Liege Lord; Temple of Blood have the chops and the musical muscle to demand your attention.

Overlord the album in discussion here was released back in 2008 and it did generate
interest. However the largest complaint was that the vocals were virtually buried in the mix (I have two different copies- I know!!). You knew they were there and if you followed with the lyric sheet all the better. By the band’s own admission there was a shoddy job done on the mixing/mastering portion of the album. (Metallica’s Death Magnetic, anyone?)



Well, that is now no longer the case. Alone Records of Greece has reissued a remastered version of the album, with full authorization of the band. It was released late in 2019 with 500 CDs pressed.

The difference in comparing the original release to this version is ASTONISHING!!
Tracks that would frustrate due to lack of vocal or guitar sound, now simply sound
AMAZING!! Full on heavy metal assault like a bullet train!!

Honestly Jim Mullis and crew provide an album that ranks up with the BEST of them. I can’t stop listening to “Fearsome Warrior,” “Behind the Inverted Star,” “Illusion of Control,” “Summon the Accused” because they are so GOOD!! Temple of Blood pull off a brilliant cover version of Forbidden Evil’s title track! Forbidden Evil! Stellar!

You want blazing guitar parts? You got ‘em!! You want CLEAN vocals with range? You GOT ‘em!! Driving bass and drum parts that are as intricate as they are powerful? You got em!! This is the type of metal that is so rare in the Christian music arena. The fact that it is done so well is amazes and delights.

It should be mentioned that not only do we have the aforementioned Jim Mullis on lead vocals and guitars; we also have Lance Wright on drums, Matt Barnes on guitar, with James Lewis on bass guitar.

Let there be no mistake, lyrically the message of Jesus is loud, bold and upfront.

A release like this is why reissues occur. Not just to fix a prior issue in production, but to improve upon a prior release and make the most recent superior. Temple of Blood Overlord re-mastered on Alone Records is an album NO HEAVY metal fan should miss.

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