JOHN DEGROFF: Heaven’s Metal Video Premiere

Rottweiler Recording artist John DeGroff debuts his new lyric video, featuring John Schlitt of Petra.

“I’m really proud of the new project,” said DeGroff. “Salt 2:Trophy Hunting For Unicorns. I think it’s the best work I’ve done to date.  Everyone who performed on the project were at the top of their game, and the production of Tim Bushong rivals and in some instances surpasses what’s being released in the market today.

“Working with John Schlitt is pure joy.  He’s the most talented, yet humble, vocalist I’ve ever encountered.  Although we come from completely different eras of the band Petra, we both sort of share the same vision of offering what we have to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  John’s total professionalism is evident throughout all the different styles he had to work with in doing this project.  

“I have to say that I’ve always been kind of skeptical of doing lyric videos. That attitude has completely disappeared after seeing the work that Dave Kruse has produced for ‘3 Nails,’ ‘Sceens’ and the upcoming ‘Anachronistic Anachronism.’ His work captures the vision of what the songs are expressing without taking anything away from the meaning, or changing the focus of the tune.  I’m more than pleased that his talent is available for Rottweiler artists.”

John DeGroff
If you were to ask any number of Christian music fans who the most influential and/or best know bands are, the name Petra would no doubt be on every list.  Rottweiler Records artist, John DeGroff, was a founding member of Petra.  As the band’s original bass guitarist, he played on the first two albums-the self titled “Petra” (1974) and its follow up “Come And Join Us” (1977). After leaving Petra in 1978, DeGroff stayed active musically.  He played in several local bands in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area.  He also toured nationally with such artists as singer Troy Shondell and has worked with jazz guitarist Denny Jiosa.

DeGroff’s recording experience didn’t end with Petra.  He has played on projects for other Christian singers such as Darrell Sroufe and Mary Lafluer,  He is on “Company’s Comin'” by gospel music group Old Fashion Faithful, was part of the jazz/fusion duo Cosmonaut Bob who released “Return To Reality”;, and is part of  The Gary Gerrard Group who has released “Ground Zero”. In 2004, DeGroff was approached by fellow ex-Petra members Greg Hough and Bill Glover to join them in the band GHF, which released two projects, “Honestly Live” and “God Has Forgiven Vol. 1”.  In 2015, DeGroff released “…demos and other moments…” In 2018,  DeGroff released “Salt”, which featured Grammy award winning, ex-Petra vocalist John Schlitt on Rottweiler Records.

DeGroff’s new Rottweiler release, entitled “SALT 2: Trophy Hunting For Unicorns”, continues with the prog, jazz, and instrumental formats and adds some blues, rockabilly, and straight up rock and roll to the mix.  John DeGroff once again recruited vocalist John Schlitt, but also enlisted the guitar talents of original Petra guitarist, Greg Hough. “Three Nails” is the first single and sees three ex-Petra members joining forces on a classic rock romp akin to ’70’s juggernauts Kansas, Yes, Genesis, and King Crimson.

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