Rottweiler - Fleas Naughty Dog Vol 8

In case you missed it, Rottweiler Records has dropped their newest release in the Fleas Naughty Dog Christmas series. Volume 8 is filled with exactly what you would expect, if you’ve been a previously follower of this cool releases and the sever earlier releases. It contains a smorgasbord of different bands and different styles.

Many bands return each year with new tracks, so there are familiar faces here. But there are always a new name that enters the pack too. Musically, as usual, it is all over, with all kinds of rock, metal and more extreme stylings.

Available at a cost of whatever you wish to pay, you pretty much cannot go wrong here. All of the songs are available to listen to ahead of time as usual on Bandcamp, so give it a listen, donate and own it. Your sure to find some fun, interesting and different reimagined classing Christmas songs, as well as new original tracks.

In my opinion, Leper’s rendition of “Silent Night” as well as INRI Immortal’s version of “Little Drummer Boy” alone are worth the price of admission here. Check it out and make it an even merrier Christmas this year.

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