SAVING JACKIE: My Faith Is Larger

Saving Jackie CD Cover

Every once in a while, a band crosses your path that strikes you as being somewhat fresh sounding, yet also familiar and classic sounding. Texas based band Saving Jackie struck me in this fashion. Describing themselves as a “rap/rock group with a message of redemption for new life,” you might ask what is so fresh about rap/rock? Isn’t that, like so early 2000’s? Well, yes, maybe, but it feels fresh in many ways after all these years and when done with style. And when you add a little aggression to it, it feels like a new creature.

At times, their aggressively guitar-driver, hard-rocking sound reminds me of another band I love, the heavy rap/rockers XL & DBD. Of course, I also think part of the appeal for me might be because the energy and styling here reminds me much of my former band (Hemotheory). Whatever it is, I am really digging this release. My only complaint? It is too short, at only three-songs. But it whets the appetite enough to make me eagerly await for more.

The Band

The band is comprised of vocalist Jenny 4C Ramirez, her brother, drummer Antonio, bassist John Cortez, Jerry Ryan on rhythm guitar and Rick Garza on lead guitar. As mentioned, the EP contains three tracks. It starts off with the energetic and sure-to-get-your-head-bobbing – My Faith Is Everything. Up next is the aggressively-funky My Everything. And rounding it out is yet another high-energy rocker, Silence the Storm. No filler tracks here, that’s for sure; this is one powerhouse little CD! And it can be uses for only a few dollars (remember, support indie music, buy physical products when you can) by visiting their site –

This band seriously kicks the gluteus maximus and leaves you wanting more!

Bryan Blake, Vinyl Lollipops

For those who do prefer the streaming world, you will find them there too. So, be sure to check them out, join them on their social media platforms, and get ready to start moving; the beat is infectious here!

BUT WAIT! THERE IS MORE! Just when I ask for more, more is granted – sort of. While their short EP was recorded in 2019 and released earlier in 2020, the band just recently also released a Christmas song for our enjoyment, and it even got included on this years Fleas Naughty Dog Vol 8 Christmas compilation from Rottweiler Records (details here).

Take a listen to the band’s rendition of Winter Wonderland!

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