LAST BATTLE: From Creation to Salvation

We’ve mined the underground to find these mighty metal warriors! Last Battle hail from Ukraine, and this, their 5th full length album since 2006 is finally reaching our ears after being remastered and released by Christian Metal Underground Records. This black and death metal hybrid is also very much progressive in nature. Far from just providing mood, the piano dares to challenge the guitars and drums for the spotlight. Often, as in the instrumental “Entering Jerusalem,” the keys are being played at breakneck speed and dueling with the more traditional metal instruments. Certainly brings some aspects of Trans- Siberian Orchestra to mind. “Ascension” even has a bit of a “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” feel to it. With the vocals, the TSO similarity ends, as the vocalist does his fiercest death metal growl in Russian. (And I’ve said before that German and Russian are hands down the best languages for harsh vocals.) Much like their Russian peers The Blessed, all lyrics are literally scripture, so if you like your devotions set to metal hyper speed, this is your jam. Only “And God Created Man,” “The Wrath of God and Justification,” and “Believe in Him and Be Not Condemned” and the intro and outro have lyrics, but the instrumental versions of the aforementioned have been added to flesh out a full album and feed you a classical vs. speed metal shredfest. Excellent metal and Word from this hitherto unfamiliar name. Keep an ear out for Last Battle. (Christian Metal Underground Records) – 4 out of 5 Stars

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