Riveting Truth

RIVETING TRUTH is a new band to me. And in this day and age, where everyone has their own studio (or software), where everyone self-produces and self-releases their albums, you are never sure what you are going to get with a new band. Some times you shake you head, befuddled at what you hear. Other times, you stand up on your seat and cheer.

When it comes to the band Riveting Truth, the latter is the case. Though I’ll admit, I fell for the “marketing scheme” rather quickly, totally my fault for not reading the fine print. All I saw through my mind’s thought was — NEW BAND featuring Rex Carroll and Dennis Cameron — and I hit BUY NOW! Come to find out, those two guitar heroes are not actually in this band, but have simply lent their guitar skills to one song each.

The band itself is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and includes core members Dave Bentley on guitar and vocals, and Andrew Rudd on bass. This self-titled 4-song EP finds all drum parts being handled by Chris McNeill. And then, Dennis Cameron plays lead guitar on the opening track entitled The Prison, which is also the first video single released for the album, and Rex Carroll handled lead guitar on track two, Stand Trial.

Overall, I agree with the general description the band uses of themselves, describing this as essentially groove metal. Three of the four tracks contain a mid-tempo groove, while the closing track, Give Up the Ghost, kicks it up a notch speed wise, throwing it into high gear. Throughout the verses it has an almost speed metal feel, then dropping into a radically different groove and feel for the choruses. Very catchy and memorable, which is perfect for an album closer — leave them wanting more.

Overall, that is what we’re left with here — a mere four-song taste, leaving us wanting more. Hopefully it won’t be too long until we get another helping.

Band History

Per the band’s bio, their history is that the two (Dave and Andrew) have played music together since the early ‘90’s and released a nine song independent album with the band LEGACY in 1996. LEGACY went on to play throughout southern Ontario and surrounding areas for several years.

Legacy opened for established bands such as Whitecross before taking a hiatus to pursue different career paths. In 2017 Andrew and Dave reunited to create this new musical project, by drawing from their musical influences of melodic groove metal — and RIVETING TRUTH was born.

The doubled-edged concept of the band name is that Jesus Christ is the riveting truth (John 14:6) that can fasten the gospel to our heart, soul and mind.

Do like I did, and hit BUY NOW to grab your copy of this limited edition 4-track gem from Roxx Records before they are all gone.

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