MICHAEL SWEET: Releases Reborn Again

Remember the comments when Stryper’s Reborn was released? “It sounds like a Michael Sweet solo album.” Well, the album’s genesis was a collection of songs that Michael had written and demoed. When the band got back together to release an album, Michael played ’em these songs and they wanted to release ’em as Stryper.

Michael Sweet has re-worked the 2005 classic, Reborn, into a new version for 2021: Reborn Again! CDs and LPs (on clear vinyl!) are now available to pre-order via Girder Music.
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The story of “Reborn Again” in Michael’s words:
After the 2003 Stryper Celebration Tour, I came home and immediately started working on a new solo album. I recorded 10 songs/demos at my home studio and then booked time at Blue Jay and Mixed Emotions to record the album. Once it was complete, I started shopping to a number of labels. I was about to sign a deal when I wound up performing with Stryper in Florida in 2004 and I played the music for the guys while we were there. They loved what they heard and we ultimately decided to reform and head back into the studio to make it a Stryper album and to officially reunite. The arrangements of the original songs did not change at all. It was re-recorded and released on 8/16/2005 and titled Reborn under the Stryper name.

“After years of requests and a lot of thought, I decided to release the original versions/tracks and add some things that I felt were always missing: guitar solos, high vocal notes, more rhythm guitars, synth parts and an alternate version of ‘Passion.’ The original drums and bass are clean and punchy and Derek & Lou did an outstanding job laying down the foundation. I’ve always wanted everyone to hear what these guys did and how well they did it! So, here we are! Kenny Lewis and I decided to make those changes and reproduce the original version for all of you to hear. I couldn’t be more pleased. It was always a dream of mine to be able to offer this version to all of you and I really believe that you’re gonna love it! I’m so excited to finally be able to bring you Reborn Again!”

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