SIGNUM REGIS: Release Flag of Hope EP

The “Flag Of Hope” EP was originally released digitally only in Fall 2020. By popular demand, this EP is now being released also physically as a CD. All songs were also remixed and remastered by Jacob Hansen.

They have also added 2 tracks added to the tracklist.

Songs “Tune Of War” and “Amorenada” were originally released on the Addendum Primum digital EP (2017), but never on a CD and fans were asking about this physical release too.

Amorenada” is a beautiful instrumental song by Filip Koluš and “Tune Of War” is a groovy hymnic song, now re-recorded by Jota Fortinho singing lead vocals and Mayo Petranin singing backing vocals.

You can order the CD (or just buy the new download) at:

Shipping on May 14th 2021

We also added a special shipping option. If you want to save on shipping, we can send you the CD without the plastic jewel case. That makes the weight smaller and shipping more affordable.

If you bought the old version of the EP from us (our website or bandcamp) check your emails. There is a discount code waiting for you 😉

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