MATT HINTON: Interview with Parallel Love Producer

When Heaven’s Metal reached its 10th anniversary (Issue #54), I had decided to shorten its name to HM. The very first issue of HM, which still had the subtitle around its new logo that said “Heaven’s Metal,” featured a lead-off story in the Hard News section about the band Luxury. The band had been in a near-fatal auto accident on the way home from the Cornerstone ’95 Festival. We were riveted and gripped by this frightening and tragic event.

Parallel Love is the story about this band, this accident and the future of its members (3/5’s of whom are Orthodox priests). When I heard about this movie, I knew I needed to see it. When I was approached with the opportunity to interview the film’s producer, I knew I needed to say yes.

Check out the interview, embedded below in video and see why.

Featured in HM #55, or accurately titled Heaven’s Metal Issue #55.

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