STRYPERDRIVE: Talking Stryper’s Impact

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What happens when you get a few super-Stryper fans together to talk about the band? You get a lot of love and oozing memories about this band that has impacted so, so many people in their history of thirty-seven years and counting.

If you have not yet discovered the fairly new YouTube channel, Stryperdrive, head over and give it and subscribe. In their short existence, they have not only had numerous discussions with other Stryper fans, but also have interviewed a few various people closely involved with the band.

When I saw some of the people they had had on, I was baffled why they asked me to join them for a show. But for me it was a great time to recall the memories of what the band has meant to me for all of these years. Hearing how the band has impacted others, how their influence has reached so far, and how they changed the face and direction of Christian music, are the kinds of things you’ll learn on the various episodes of Stryperdrive.

For my participation, the topic is described by them as:

Heaven’s Metal staff writer, Jeff McCormack, joins us as we discuss “Why Stryper?” Gleaning from Jeff’s professional perspective, we examine the impact Stryper has made on the metal community, whether Christian or mainstream, and consider what distinguished them from their peers.

From the band’s distinct attire and stage production… their thought provoking album titles and eye catching covers… their brand of hard rock and molten metal expertly executed and pressed onto wax… to their high octane live performances… We answer the question: “Why Stryper?”

So with that – let’s talk Stryper on Stryperdrive!

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