NEPTUNE: Release new Video

Stockholm, Sweden. June 4, 2021

Melodic Passion Records is very proud to release Neptune’s song, “Land of Northern.” Neptune captures the sweet old school heavy metal sound and the album, Northern Steel, has received very good feedback worldwide.

Neptune is a Swedish melodic metal band from the 80s that is considered to be one of the earliest pioneers during the
NWOSHM era. The band is in the same style as Madison, 220 Volt, Early Europe, Silver Mountain and Glory.

The song Land of Northern was written as a tribute to their homeland and in an attempt to connect their old Nordic Viking history and thereby try to create a powerful all-singing epic song. This is a remake of the song originally written and released back in the early 80´s. During the making of the video, the band went out on social media and gave their fans the opportunity to participate in the video… which they did…

Most recently, the band in collaboration with Melodic Passion Records and Sound Pollution released the album Northern Steel on CD & vinyl who includes the song Land of Northern. The album Northern Steel was recently voted into the list of one of the best releases of 2020 by Sweden Rock Magazines readers.

The album: Neptune – Northern Steel:

NEPTUNE: Special guests on the album Northern Steel:
Row Alex – Lead & backing vocals Pontus Norgren – Hammerfall
Anders Olsson – Guitars Euge Valovirta – Cyhra
Tosh Ason – Bass & backing vocals Lars Chriss – Lion´s Share, Impera, Road to Ruin
Johan Rosth – Keyboards Stephen Carlson – Brotthogg, Melodic Passion, The Rise, Tales
Jonas Wikström – Drums Lasse Axe – Backdraft Evolution

Neptune – Land of Northern

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