ROXOLOGY: Launches Website is here!  
This website is partnered with the Roxology CD to expound on the spiritual richness of the classic majestic hymns of the church. In other words, it is crazy good.      

You have:         
1. Three big articles on how this project came to be.    
2. Listen to samples of the songs and find out where to buy or stream.    
3. Dig deep into the spiritual journey of each individual song.  Biographies of each author is presented along with the time and circumstances of when the song was written. (I love this!). Discover more with in verses that support and bring new meaning, averaging about 18 verses per song.    
4. Personal encounters our contributors experienced with these classic tunes.    
5. Learn more about the musicians and contributors who brought the project together.    
6. If you need to reach us we have contact information to show you how.    
7. This website can be used as a personal bible study for months and even years.     
8. Go to and experience Roxology in a deep and satisfying way; which is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Woohoo!

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