MANGLED CARPENTER: Release New Lyric Video

Hagah Recordings’ artist Mangled Carpenter premiere lyric video for new single “FishVomit”
Click here to watch the lyric video for “FishVomit” now
The single showcases one of the blistering jolts off Mangled Carpenter’s debut album, “Under The Shadow,” which is available now through all digital outlets and on CD.
Fresh off the release of their debut album on Hagah Recordings, Mangled Carpenter has unleashed a new lyric video for the single “FishVomit.” Blending together their love for death and grind metal, the trio bludgeons listeners over the head with crunching guitars and thunderous blast beats. Not content to just spout out the usual bleak and soul-crushing lyrics found in most of the genre’s ouvre, lyricist Seth Metoyer chooses to use less savory Biblical tales as a springboard for commentary on current events and issues.
Mangled Carpenter’s debut album “Under the Shadow” is definitely turning heads within the extreme metal community. Reviews have already spotlighted the release, which is one of the first on Hagah Recordings – a new sub-label of Rottweiler Records.

“The band delivered a tight, original and yet a refreshing sound… As a Debut album, the fans know what they’re in for with Mangled Carpenter,” stated “The Metal Resource.

HM Magazine exclaimed, “‘Under The Shadow’ has proven to be a brutally strong start for Mangled Carpenter. For a record with songs all under three minutes — some even under two — this raucous trio cuts to the chase with each track, ensuring nothing is left undone.”

“This is hard hitting and heavy but also really well mixed and produced,” reported Rockin’ With Purpose.

“Perfect for fans of death metal looking for something to spice up their gym playlist to increase the intensity of their reps,” Beyond the Grave suggested.
You can get more info about Mangled Carpenter on their Facebook page. See what other bands and projects are available from Hagah Recordings right here.

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