ABATED MASS OF FLESH: Release Live Album

“Descending Upon the Deceased” unleashes 8 explosive live tracks 
Click here to listen to the title track from “Descending Upon the Deceased”

The track highlights just one of the crushing songs off Abated Mass of Flesh’s setlist from their live album “Descending Upon the Deceased,” which will be available August 6th on CD through The Charon Collective.    

Up from the depths of Murfreesboro, TN comes a musical monstrosity that has spent the better part of a decade delivering some of the most atmospheric and crushing death metal you’ll likely ever experience. Abated Mass of Flesh are THE leaders of their cacophonous craft in a region usually known for its country music. They have proved it time and time again through savage live performances as well as on album.

“Descending Upon the Deceased” is eight songs of living proof that Abated Mass of Flesh are a force to reckon with when they hit any stage across the nation. If the drums didn’t countdown the songs in a few spots, you’d probably never know this was recorded at one of their volatile performances in Woodbury, TN. If you’ve missed seeing Abated Mass of Flesh on The Hasten Revelation Tour or any of their other live shows, then count yourself lucky to get to experience it all right here.    

You can get more info about Abated Mass of Flesh on their Facebook page. See what other bands and projects are available from The Charon Collective right here.

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