LANCE GARVIN: Recording Drums For Hope Deferred


What started out as a low-key solo outlet for ex-Embodyment and ex-The Famine guitarist Andy Godwin has quickly turned into a fully-charging juggernaut of metal mayhem. The addition of lead guitarist Jon Tooley was the first step towards the formation of a more collaborative entity. When Embodyment’s past bassist Jason Lindquist moved back into the Dallas, TX area, it was pretty obvious who the next ingredient to the musical Molotov cocktail would be. Hope Deferred is very excited to announce that legendary Living Sacrifice drummer Lance Garvin will be recording on their upcoming release, which is due out on The Charon Collective.

When asked about the collaboration, Garvin exclaimed, “Looking forward to destroying and burning things down with my brothers in Hope Deferred. I will also enjoy hitting things on their upcoming EP. God bless Texas metal!!”

“I have been a fan of Living Sacrifice and Lance for close to 30 years now. I remember when Jason Lindquist and I first heard ‘Breathing Murder’ from the ‘Inhabit’ record. It’s brutality still gives me chills. We are so stoked to be joined by Lance on our upcoming EP and are excited to deliver the crushing metal we all love,” Godwin stated. You can get more info about Hope Deferred on their Facebook page. See what other bands and projects are available from The Charon Collective right here.

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