THE BRAVE: Evie’s Little Garden

The Brave - Evie's Little Garden

The Brave have returned again with a monster of an album! Chock full of gorgeous melodies and tremendous hooks.  The independently produced and released album entitled Evie’s Little Garden is most assuredly going to please fans both old and new.

I must admit I never heard their 2014 release “Rise” after many fans cried foul on the production part of things.  All I can say about ELG is that this release is crisp, punchy and rich. The definition and care provided on this release is world class and truly delivers the goods. These days unless you want a sloppy raw sound there is no excuse for it, The Brave have offered us something that sounds like the world class release this is.

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Melodic hard rock/metal with clear 80s overtones is what you get here; however the song palette is so rich and diverse. Album opener and title track “Evie’s Little Garden” is a delightful romp overflowing in hooks and melody.  The lyrical take on the Garden of Eden events in Genesis 1 is tremendous. A fabulous retelling of the fall of man wrapped tightly in 4 and half minutes of sonic goodness, that in a nutshell is what you should expect from each track here.

The “Lonely Bones” is melancholy and powerfully memorable, “Run to You” is a delightful romp about returning to the Lord after being away.  The extremely deep lyrical content of “I’ve Always Wondered” discusses what if Jesus hadn’t come to die for us. Packaged in a memorable melody with a huge chorus that never feels cheesy or silly all of these songs are top drawer material. And to reinforce the production is fabulous.

“We’re not in Kansas Anymore” is another brilliantly executed mid tempo track that thrives in its amazing melody and delightful arrangement. Album closer “Love: Automatic” is a great album closer, kicking it into gear during the chorus that will have you reaching for the replay button again and again.

The band this time out consists of Stayce Roberts (Lead Vocals, Guitarist, Keyboards); Malcolm Paris (Bass, Backing Vocals) & John Spittle (Drums).  There is some truly fantastic playing here. Stayce’s vocals throughout are fantastic raspy, punchy and strong. He also delivers some fabulous guitar licks throughout. The rhythm section of Malcolm and John are solid tight and are right there.

Without a doubt this is one of the finest releases this year.  If you’re a fan of the Frontiers Records label style releases then you MUST get this album.  Evie’s Little Garden will give any melodic hard rock their fix for 2021.  A world class album, elite.  This album is available for purchase both download through ITunes and CD from the band direct.


The Brave – I’ve Always Wondered

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  1. Great review, Keven. Thanks for posting these videos. It was nice to get a taste of these cool new tunes.

  2. Never did pick up The Brave’s previous albums. I’ll be picking up this one for sure. Loved the videos.

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