Our Favorite Albums of the Past

Favorite albums from 1986

The writers for Heaven’s Metal Magazine had been discussing the ideas for some video series and “shows” and things to beef up the new YouTube channel for the magazine, and one of them got a start up last month. The idea was to get some of the writers together to discuss some of the various great releases in Christian music throughout the years.

Video number one started with 1985, mainly because it was in that year that Heaven’s Metal Magazine was launched. It was also one of the earliest years of when Christian rock/metal really started ramping up. For that episode, we worked the scheduling out so that we could have editor and founder Doug Van Pelt on the initial broadcast, and he was joined by Keven Crothers and myself. If you missed it, check it out here:

But now, today, episode number two has been posted. The topic is of course 1986, but this time around we were only able to work it out, schedule wise, to have Keven and myself present for this one, but it was still a great time and discussion. If you lived through those years, like us, or even if you didn’t — it was one amazing year of releases. So, won’t you join us for our look at 1986 and some of the seminal and favorite albums that were released back then. And don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube channel while you are there, so you can keep up with all of the future episodes and fun stuff we look forward to posting there. So, here you go, some of our favorite albums of 1986:

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