MEADOWS: Release Three-EP Collective

  Meadows “In Those Days & Also After” Out Now! 

The 13 track full length from Meadows is out now!  “In Those Days & Also After” consists of three EPs that have come together in full with new songs interjected in between and at the end of the original 3 parts.  The band put their heart and soul into this project and we are honored to partner with them for the release of it! 

Please take some time to check it out wherever you listen to music:

Apple Music / iTunes

Meadows is doing a short tour right now and playing at Furnace Fest later this month, make sure to check them out if they are in a city near you: 

Sept. 3 – Wildwood, GA @ Valley Vibes Fest
Sept. 4 – Savannah, GA @ Aura Fest
Sept. 5 – Greenville, SC @ TBD
Sept. 6 – Nashville, TN @ TBD
Sept. 7 – Beauxite, AR @ Calvary Chapel
Sept. 8 – Dallas, TX @ Reno’s Chop Shop
Sept. 10 – Birmingham, AL @ The Firehouse
Sept. 26 – Birmingham, AL – FURNACE FEST

The vinyl for “In those Days & Also After” is on the way from the pressing plant to Merch Now and orders should be shipping out in about 2 weeks.  Check out this photo we got of the screen printed D side!  You still have time to pre-order this impressive looking Double LP here  

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