Listen to the demo of “Redemption” from Testimony of Apocalypse.  
Testimony of Apocalypse (ex-Sacrament) Release Demo, Partner with The Charon Collective

The Charon Collective is very excited to welcome Testimony of Apocalypse to the team. If something is telling you that band name sounds familiar, chances are you’re a classic thrash fan. It’s the title of the debut album of late 1980s / early 1990s metal missionaries Sacrament.

Being that Testimony of Apocalypse is made up of Sacrament’s drummer Paul Graham and original singer Mike Torone, the moniker should make all the sense in the world to longtime headbangers worldwide. It makes even more sense when you hear how the trio (rounded out by guitarist / bassist Nick Pacitti) carries the torch of the classic thrash group while exploring new territories of groove and other musical influences. Their first release, which is a demo version of the song “Redemption,” is a perfect example of what’s to come. You can hear it now right here.

“Redemption” is just a teaser of what to expect from Testimony of Apocalypse in the future. The group is preparing to begin recording for their debut album, which will be unleashed in spring of 2022 through The Charon Collective. You can anticipate 10 to 12 tracks of classic thrash metal infused with a modern twist to keep things fresh and thrilling. A series of singles will be rolled out to streaming outlets leading up to the release. You can get more info about Testimony of Apocalypse on their Facebook page. See what other bands and projects are available from The Charon Collective right here.

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