P.O.D.: Repeats Satellite Stream Set

P.O.D. ‘Satellite Over Southtown’ Encore Livestream coming to you on October 8th!

Earlier this year, P.O.D. started off its 20th anniversary celebrations with a live performance at Petco Park in San Diego. If you didn’t get a chance to watch the hot set, you’ll have another shot.

“We feel so lucky to have toured for you guys this year and we wish we could have played in all 50 states! As a thank you to our fans near and far, we want to end our celebrations together.

“We are thrilled to offer you one more opportunity to watch our full performance, and this time we’re throwing in some VIP upgrade options including an Encore Ticket + Meet and Greet bundle and our all-in-one Encore Ticket + Virtual Meet and Greet + Merch Bundle!”

Tickets and Bundles —> https://bit.ly/POD-EncoreLivestream

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