Prog Melo-Death Prodigies Diatheke Release Compilation EP on CD and Digital
The self-titled compilation EP from Diatheke is available now through The Charon Collective. The release features four epic journeys through the emotional and spiritual landscapes of the human psyche. Be prepared for a sensory overload of brutal metal, sweeping melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics.

Hailing from New York and Dallas, TX, Diatheke is a three-piece gathering of incredibly talented musicians. The trio came together to provide the metal community with something fresh built on the foundations of their influences. When listening to Diatheke, you’ll hear shades of innovative bands like Mastodon, Antestor, Scar Symmetry, Becoming the Archetype, and The Human Abstract.

Get your copy of Diatheke’s self-titled compilation EP from The Charon Collective right here!

Diatheke T-Shirts are also available now to purchase. You can get more info about Diatheke on their Facebook page.

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