Spoken in Tongues “Ghosts” EP
Out Now!

The new Spoken in Tongues covers EP is available now on Bandcamp for purchase or streaming at spokenintongues.bandcamp.com. It will be available for streaming on Apple, Spotify, etc. in the next two weeks. There’s a delay with the licenses, but it should come through. These 5 songs have meant a lot to me in my life, especially Ghosts.

“They were some of my favorites when I was first discovering music on the radio show Rodney On The Roq,” said Billy Power (Blenderhead). “I really tried to have fun and put my stamp on them. I hope you enjoy them!”

The track listing is:
Ghosts (originally performed by The Jam)
Spiders (by The Vapors, of Turning Japanese fame)
Chance (by Big Country)
Everywhere I Go (by The Call)
I Apologize (by Husker Du)

“I performed all the instruments and vocals except for drums, which were played by Mr. Chris Wible (Everdown). All the songs were recorded, mixed and mastered by me at Planet Fun studios. Most of the principal recording was done last summer in New Jersey and the drums were recorded here in Tennessee two weeks ago. I also made a video for the song “Ghosts” which you can watch on YouTube.

“Thanks for listening and if you like what you hear, please share. Next month on November 19th, I’ll be releasing the follow up full length LP ‘The Light At The Tunnel Is A Black Hole.'”

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