RITUAL SERVANT: Release New Single


Ritual Servant release new single
‘Whitewashed Tombs’  RESEND: Oops we forget to add the world premiere lyric video just went live also: 

Ritual Servant release brand new single ‘Whitewashed Tombs’ via bandcamp at 8am PST this morning along with a world premiere new lyric video.

  Ritual Servant and Roxx Records are excited to share with you the first single off the second 7″ , the second of four brand new Limited Edition 7” singles that we announced earlier in the year.

This very special series was launched with the announcement of the first 7” single entitled ‘Veritas’, which is the first piece of this beautiful four part 7” series which is currently at the pressing plant. 

And now we are excited to bring you the second 7″ single ‘Whitewashed Tombs’ now available digitally on bandcamp. This is side A of the second 7″ single which is being readied to send to press shortly as well. Stay tuned, as we ready the B side and more to complete the second 7″ single. 

Stay Tuned for pre orders in early 2022, with a 6 month lead time we are looking at an April/May release for the 1st of this beautiful 4 part series. As the band completes each track we will submit the next 7” in hopes to complete the whole puzzle of artwork in 2022. Once all 4 of these 7” singles are released the band will record one more final track before the full length album is released.

  Also be sure to pick up one of the last copies of the gold disc edition ‘Metallum Evangelii’ or the limited edition EP 777 today while you still can. For a limited time at a reduced price of $14.99 for gold disc and $7.77 for the last copies of the 777 EP which is nearly Sold Out!

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