Icons of Industry is a music collective started by theologian and songwriter Roberto Montoya. Together with classically trained violinist Megan Berson and sousaphonist Jeremiah Douglas, they create music that harnesses their passion and individual styles. The songs resonate with fans of heavy music and appeal to those looking for melody, sonic texture, and dynamics. The lyrical themes explore and expound on topics like history, science, and theology. They will continue to push the boundaries both musically and lyrically while building upon the foundations of rock and experimental music.

We just released our latest single called Cedars of Lebanon. It features Persian multi-instrumentalist Nuno Silva and Grammy award-winning drummer Johnny Lopez III. It was recorded by musicians from five different countries and mixed by multi-platinum engineer Brian Reeves. The lyrics are based on the Psalms and extol the sovereignty and majesty of the King of Kings.

Single: https://iconsofindustry.bandcamp.com/track/cedars-of-lebanon

Website: https://iconsofindustry.org

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