NATE PARRISH: Releases New Single

Nate Parrish offers authentic rebellion with newly released “Life in Dissonance”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Nate Parrish released his latest single “Life in Dissonance” on February 25, a new installment from upcoming sophomore album Soul Surgery, due out in April. The song is available now at

As fans have come to expect from Nate Parrish, “Life in Dissonance” offers up riffy punk rock attitude and some searing cultural commentary.

“‘Life in Dissonance’ is an observation of this phenomenon in our culture where the so-called rebels in society have become mouthpieces for big government, big business and technology,” Nate offers. “The artists who once fought so hard for the protection of free speech are now defenders of censorship and the silencing of dissenting opinions. The honest, dangerous, anti-establishment elements of musical expression have been replaced by polished, non-offensive 3 min commercials for government agendas, paid for by corporate cash.”

Nate continues, “Amidst the dissatisfaction with all of this I remember: this is right where I need to be, embracing the true counter-cultural nature of being a Christ-follower. As the chorus says, ‘Life in dissonance, if you don’t want to sing along, join me and dissent.’”

“Life in Dissonance” follows hard on the heels of “God Knows,” which released last month. Both tracks are a part of the upcoming album Soul Surgery, the second full-length album from the experienced songwriter and guitarist. Continuing his hands-on approach of handling the bulk of production and instrumentation himself, Nate has taken this new set of songs to the next level.

“It’s not a drastic departure, but I’d say it explores more of the punk influences I have and a little less of the roots rock genre,” Nate explains. “I can also say the album as a whole is more aggressive vocally as well as musically, a little faster and a little harder as a whole. While there is no shortage of songs addressing societal issues, this album also contains some of my most personal and introspective lyrics yet.”

He admits, “There’s something about putting yourself out there that is terrifying and freeing at the same time. That tension is where I want to live as an artist.”

And if listeners glean a little hope from his music along the way? To Nate’s mind, that’s the best possible use of the power of punk: “I hope as many people as possible can hear my songs and be challenged to pursue truth, empowered to live by faith and be encouraged that they are not alone.”

Get “Life In Dissonance” now at You can also watch the lyric video. Soul Surgery will be available on major streaming platforms on April 8. You can find Nate Parrish on Spotify and Apple Music, and follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Nate Parrish has honed his musical skills and his perspective through touring the world, first with rock worship band Worth Dying For and more recently with Kutless. His 2020 solo debut I’m A Wreck fast became a sleeper hit, with critical acclaim. His 2021 single “Religion of Relevance,” the first selection from Soul Surgery, was recently nominated in The Grizzly Awards.

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