RED WINTER DYING: Release Retrospective Album

Red Winter Dying Retrospective Album Released Available on CD and Digital through The Charon Collective    

If you frequented hardcore shows in East Tennessee in the early 2000s, you were no doubt exposed to the region’s best-kept-secret in the scene – Red Winter Dying. Rising out of the ashes of underground favorites Coexist, the band quickly found its own loyal following. Combining elements of hardcore, metal, and post-punk, they caught the attention of fans of Poison The Well, Hopesfall, Underoath, Eighteen Visions, and other emotionally charged groups of the time.

Red Winter Dying became a familiar staple at small and large venues, sharing the stage with touring powerhouses like Darkest Hour, Dead To Fall, Living Sacrifice, As I Lay Dying, Thrice, The Showdown, Norma Jean, and many others. The band gained even more fans when they branched out and began playing in Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, and West Virginia. It wasn’t long before they earned a reputation for energetic and adrenaline-fueled performances that combined chaos and beauty, while wearing their hearts on their sleeves.  


In their 3-year career, Red Winter Dying released two albums and a split. Well received critically by the likes of Alternative Press and Punk Planet, the recordings perfectly captured the raw emotion and energy the group had become known for. Those who got their hands on the rare releases were few and far between in a pre-streaming world where the internet hadn’t become the musical mecca it’s known to be now.

The Charon Collective is proud to present to listeners two of the great releases Red Winter Dying unleashed on a lucky few in one package. This new edition of “If This Is Our Song, Why Aren’t We Dancing?” is paired with two tracks off of their split with Past Mistakes and a previously unreleased demo recently re-discovered. The tracks off the split were mastered by Dana White, who worked on albums by Jimmy Eat World and Blood For Blood. The bulk of the album was recorded virtually live with limited overdubs by Miah Lajeunesse in the same studio where Whitechapel created “The Somatic Defilement” and “Recorrupted.” The whole collection perfectly captures both the essence of Red Winter Dying and the spirit of emotional hardcore that defined the era and helped many of us through our formative years.  


You can order your copy of “If This Is Our Song, Why Aren’t We Dancing” right here!

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