VISIBLE MUSIC COLLEGE: Offering Music Summer Camps

Visible Music Week.
You might have heard, but we’re eager to share: Visible Music Week is basically a summer camp… …just without having to do all the “summer camp stuff”. Instead of dirty bunks and bug spray, you’re hanging out with talented musicians who currently do what you’re dreaming of doing – and they spend the week investing in you, and helping you dream big.
Still Not Convinced? How about we give you $50 off for EVERY referral that signs up? No Limit. Seriously, you could have the week paid for. Just have them name drop when they sign up… and you’ll basically be rich.   If you’re not a high school student looking to make summer plans, you probably know one.
‘Doing the devotionals every morning was actually a really good growing experience and I really liked people’s different inputs. It was the perfect way to start each day.’ ‘Overall it was a great experience, I made a lot of new friends, learned more about my instrument and most importantly, grew closer to God.’
‘I thoroughly enjoyed my week there. I got to make many new friends, learn more about my talent, advance in my knowledge of music, and most importantly I got to spend a little extra time connecting spiritually with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.’
-A Visible Music Week Alumni
I want to sign up for one of the few spots left.
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