POWER WOLVES: Release The Cure for Sleep

Rock Duo Power Wolves Share “The Cure For Sleep” CD and Digital available from The Charon Collective
We’ve had a huge scientific breakthrough. The Charon Collective and Power Wolves are teaming up to bring you “The Cure For Sleep.” The euphoric new album from Knoxville Tennessee’s Power Wolves is coming out April 22nd on CD and Digital.

Power Wolves was born out of the ashes of 2000’s metal band Hospital. However, Mike McAllister and A.J. Caulineau would hardly carry that sound into the future. The duo’s new work is more pop focused, but with all the melancholy you’d find with bands like The Killers, U2, or Radiohead.

The album’s sonic palette expands even further with guests including Zach Householder (Whitechapel), Arthur Ramsey (Jonava), and Scottie Hoaglan (Nailed). This self-produced journey into high strangeness also features mastering by Grammy winner John Greenham (Billie Eilish, Katy Perry, Sam Smith), with additional tracks worked on by Grammy nominated Seva (Dolly Parton, Metallica, David Bowie).

“The Cure For Sleep” will be available for total aural consumption via CD and Digital right here.


Watch the Power Wolves “The Cure For Sleep” Teaser Trailer Now

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