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The melodic metal band SIGNUM REGIS will release their first ever live album “Made in Switzerland” on CD and digital on June 10th via Beyond the Storm Productions. The album was recorded in Wiedlisbach, Switzerland last year and was mastered by Tony Lindgren (Amorphis, Dragonforce, Powerwolf).

The band just released the first single from the album, the set closer “Wrath of Pharaoh”, taken from their 2013 album Exodus.

Link to the video on YouTube:

Ronnie König of Signum Regis comments on the live album:
“If I had to say something about this album in one sentence, I would say this: “We came to the venue to play a regular show and we came back with an album. There was no special preparation or long planning for this live album. The show was recorded in 2021 in Switzerland, which was the peak year of the covid pandemic. Of course, we were hoping that we could record some nice audio and perhaps also a video from the show, so that we could post some clips to social media. We wanted the fans to have a chance to see at least something during the year when the opportunities to play and see us live were very, very limited. Luckily the soundboard had a built-in hard drive recording, audio turned out better than expected, we got all tracks separately in high resolution, so we decided to do some mixing and post production. It went from mixing one song to mixing the whole show to releasing it as a live album.”

The Signum Regis hymn “Through the Desert, Through the Storm” from their 2015 EP “Through the Storm” was featured in the HBO series “The Righteous Gemstones” earlier this year.

“Made in Switzerland” track listing
01. The Promised Land
02. Through the Desert, Through the Storm
03. A Memory
04. Given Up For Lost
05. The City of God
06. Phantasmagoria
07. Enslaved
08. Prisoner’s Elegy
09. I Always Go All-In
10. Never Surrender
11. My Guide in the Night
12. Fly Away
13. Living Well
14. Wrath of Pharaoh

“Made in Switzerland” artwork:
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