TOMORROWZ END: Release 40 Songs on 40 Albums

Nathaniel, the singer and guitarist of the band Tomorrowz End, announces the releases of 40 songs on 4 albums simultaneously. Tetralogy Pt 1 Volumes 1-4 just released on all streaming platforms. The band has performed in 22 states. They also have a 21-episode video serial that which is releasing on YouTube. It is a companion piece that consists of 21 music videos that flesh out the themes of the 4 albums.

Episodes 1-7 are now available to stream on YouTube under the title of Act 1 on the band’s channel. They also have just released 2 comic books and a magazine to further explore the themes of the 40 songs.

To get a brief overview of all this, check out the teaser trailer they just released.

Nathaniel came to the Lord at the age of 17, when he was diagnosed with bone cancer. “I am now 17 years cancer free praise God!”

In another medically-related piece of news, Nathaniel went to the hospital for a 5 level fusion on his spine, so he could start getting out and performing the songs in front of an audience later this year or first of next year.

“They wound up only having to fuse 3 levels and told me me that this had to be God, because there is no medical reason why this should have fixed the issue,” he said. “They did the 3-level fusion and were planning on doing the 2nd surgery the next day, but when they got the MRI, it had corrected the other 2 levels and I got to go home the day after surgery instead of doing surgery #2.”

“I am doing great the Doctors can’t quite explain it, but I 100 percent know it is the Grace of God!”


One last piece of testimony is that I came to know the Lord at 17 when I was diagnosed with bone cancer. I am now 17 years cancer free praise God!

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