DOULOS: Releases Two Singles

Doulos releases TWO singles from upcoming release
as fundraiser for July 2020 tour

May 23, 2022, Santa Cruz, California.    

Riverside based hardcore punk band xDOULOSx announces the release of “Shots Fired” and “Cycles”, two new singles from their upcoming release to help raise funds to cover expenses for the band to travel from Southern California to Illinois to play the Audiofeed music festival (July 1 through 3, 2022).  Standing on the shoulders of their debut release The Middleman, these two tracks go harder and faster, and scream answers to injustice and oppression:

“Shots fired hit the ground                                           “If Pain is a teacher

selfishly you stand around                                            Insanity my friend

all I want is something real                                           We must break free

But Everyone afraid to feel                                          From cycles We’re In!

Shots fired but your numb!”                                        Cycles!!”

Download free or pay what you want (also available on commercial retailers):

Shots Fired:


Doulos features Eddie Blanco (edboi) – Vocals, Melanie Blanco (Rebel Mel) – Bass, Noah Cortez (Dr Know) – Guitar, Eza – Guitar, and Jeff Young (el jefe) – Drums. 



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