FEAR NOT: Fields of Sorrow

Fear Not returns with a brand new high octane release entitled ‘Fields of Sorrow.’ Now available on
Roxx Records ‘Fields of Sorrow’ delivers on so many levels, musically, production, and lyrically. This
release is a solid collection of modern hard rock tunes that are sure to please.

Melodic memorable and punchy. ‘Fields of Sorrow’ opens with what I think might be the best song of
2022, ‘Riptide.’ A barn burner of crunch with a great chorus that I can play on repeat often and
endlessly. That chorus is autobiographical “Trapped in the current/Drowning in the waves so
high/Reach beneath and save me/ Now I’m caught, caught in the Riptide.” strong!!

‘Voluntary Madness’ drives the train next with a powerful rhythm and punchy chorus that leads to the
title track. ‘Fields of Sorrow’ is a mid tempo bit of rock whimsy with a slight southern vibe. It delivers
that feeling of waiting on God, the question of “How long Lord?” without pretense, without a cheap
easy answer. A fantastic rock tune with plenty of hard rock crunch and powerful vocals.

Other songs like ‘Lay it Down’ strike a stronger southern vibe with an almost worship chorus
atmosphere, again solid. A cover of The Who’s ‘Join Together’ appears here and in the context of the
overall fits rather nicely. It fits so well at first I didn’t realize it was a cover!! ‘Beautifully Broken’
delivers another almost prayer like biographical story of being the clay as God deconstructs us and
rebuilds us. A painful process but the song itself delivers a gleam of hope without being schmaltzy. A
wonderfully melodic rock tune. There is a ‘bonus track’ of God’s Country written by Blake Sheldon.
Yes that Blake Sheldon, and the Fear Not crew OWN this song. Just wonderful.

The band delivers on all cylinders musically, solid guitar playing from Larry Worley and Chris Sorensen.
A punchy rhythm section of Rod Romero on bass and Gary Hansen on drums, tight and powerful.
Many people still seem to be resistant that Larry Worley isn’t the main singer these days, can I just say
‘move on.’ Eddie Green DELIVERS the good in the vocals and writes some fantastic lyrics. Along the
lines of reading the Psalms, Green’s impassioned vocal is from the heart and just moves me.

This isn’t an 80s or 90s band trying to recapture lost glory here. This is a band for today 2022, great
production and great songs with a timely message of hope. Gritty punchy driving rock n roll with
chops and melodic leanings that deserve to be heard. If you were a fan of their lone 90s album and
were on the fence with their 5 song ep from 2019 do yourself a favor. I implore you to pick this up
and give it a listen.

Fear Not’s latest is ‘Fields of Sorrow’ a killer piece of melodic hard rock (not an 80s rehash). ‘Fields of
Sorrow’ is an album that’s sure to be on the shortlist as an album of the year candidate. Roxx Records
has hit another home run. Grab ‘em while their hot!

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