IMAGES OF EDEN: Weathered and Torn

Images of Eden continue to refine and define their power/prog metal catharsis on this new 5-song EP, Weathered and Torn. Supported by the firm foundation of a group of seasoned musicians, who have not only produced a few studio albums together now but have been doing everything in their power to tour North America during a point in history when gathering for a live band performance has been almost prohibited, Images of Eden stands poised to take it all to the next level!

Laying aside some of the conceptual progression and complexity of the past two releases, Weathered and Torn opens things up with “the shred” and breathes a new side of life into their sound – one full of pummeling melodic metal aggression!

“Count to Zero” has a ton of pace and melody, perfectly balanced, crushing guitars and double bass drums exhorting you to take a stand against all that you hate about your life and make a change.

“Survivor’s Guilt” follows with a similar heavy crunch and more pace – the guitar tones and riffs on this release are thick and crushing – as the lyricist pleads to God for “one more day.” A blistering guitar solo graces the mid-section of the song while Dorssom pummels out a ton of heavy drum hits.

Not surprisingly the title track here demands the most attention! If Images of Eden here represent the “weathered and torn” in life then this song perfectly reflects the feelings and disposition of so many of us here in the U.S. (and for that matter, so many around the globe). Humanity is under assault by forces of power, disease and darkness … and it’s taking a toll…

“Weathered and torn, my innocence is stillborn/Is there no one to cry to … will you hear me?”

Fast and furious drums and guitars – along with more aggressive vocals – define “Coexistence.” This melancholier grind portrays a “drawing a line in the sand” for humanity. Once again, the guitar solo is a highlight – the shred pushing the credibility of the IOE sound to another level.

While the preceding songs have pushed the boundaries of exploration for IOE, the final track here, “The Dead Me,” anchors this release firmly to the bands’ base with the passion and melody and transparency of their vision and faith.

Images of Eden have a hunger to get their music and message out there to the fans and anyone who has “the ears to hear.” This EP goes a long way to solidify both their impact and credibility in the world of power/prog metal circa 2022!

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