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Brazilian Metal Dynasty

In 2009, Heaven’s Metal Fanzine (the actual print version) featured Brazilian Christian metal and rock (August/September #82). While Dynasty wasn’t one of the “feature” or “review” bands in that issue – largely because they weren’t on our radar yet (to our discredit), and partly they didn’t have a new release at the time – they were identified (with web address) in the Brazil’s Metal Encyclopedia compiled by Chris Gatto and Loyd Harp which was a part of that beloved issue (click the issue date above to check it out).

Naturally, it was impossible, with the limited space we had per issue, to feature all the great talent from Brazil. Thankfully, Dynasty would eventually find their way to these (digital) pages! Thanks to Girder Records for discovering and investing in this band and for releasing all three of their full lengths (with bonus material) for the first time on U.S. soil.

Also reviewed here, 2004’s Motus Perpetuus features a young and hungry band – full of the Spirit and a power metal grit with slightly progressive leanings. 2010’s Warriors of the King is a full-on power metal journey featuring several new members yet still with a decidedly evangelical lyrical push. Fast forward to 2017’s Step by Step (the third reissue in this series) and we are treated to yet another level of skill, aggression and lyrical and songwriting maturity.


While Nahor Andrade (vocals), César Martins (guitars) and Tiago Vitek still anchor the line-up, Dynasty has welcomed two new members here, Filipe Otávio (guitars) and André Júnior (bass). The overall sound is a wall of power metal ferocity, these songs certainly the most well-mixed and well-produced to date for this band.

After a brief “dream-like” intro, Dynasty powers into “Nightmare” with conviction and pace, the double-bass relentless. Right out of the gates one thing becomes immediately apparent – Dynasty has matured in both sound and execution from the previous albums. The guitars shred, Andrade’s voice is clear with a bit more of that age-derived edge and the punchy tone coming from the kick drum is massive!

“Inside my Heart” is another burner (a call to reconcile with a lost love) with plenty more of the same guitar shred – solo in this one fantastic – and galloping drums and rhythms. Andrade has not only matured as vocalist (phrasings and melodies match his strengths better here than on previous material), but the lyrics this time around echo the trials of a few years living on this illustrious ball. While the positive vibes of the early years persist, they have been tempered by the “metal” edge of life and time.

And speaking of metal … “Metal Pulse Radio” is a stinking heavy, yet melodic number which opens with a few “radio waves” fading into a heavy bass lead ala Accept. When the rhythm guitars jump in the fire you know instantly this is one of those songs that will be stuck in your head for days. Think Accept with great anthemic vocals with those chanting backing vox. This one is a tribute to the therapeutic nature of metal music. [As has long been my mantra: “Keep banging your head – its medicine for your soul! – Doc]

“Every day will be better/When I listen to these songs/I can feel their power running/Through my veins

Metal pulse/Brings the best to us/Metal pulse/A pure and endless force, oh yeah/It’s the metal pulse”

The title track features great hooks, melodies and more thunderous drumming – Vitek really upping his game compared to 2010’s Warriors of the King. Once again, the words show a maturity in spirit combined with faithful encouragement. Appropriately, this song is followed by the balladic, acoustic “I’ll be With You,” which feature warm melodies and a beautiful (flamenco-like) guitar solo.

While everything Dynasty delivers up to this point has been solid, the final four tracks on the original release are excellent. “Machado de Guerra” – sung in Andrade’s native tongue – is like listening to Empire era Queensrÿche from Brazil! And then if that diversity isn’t enough, “Sad Faces” – with Middle Eastern intro – rocks warmly with an appeal to the world to unite to aid the Syrian crisis. Where the early part of the song is balladic, it morphs into this almost improvisational jam between the guitars and drums in the middle section.

Both these songs showcase not only Dynasty’s tremendous talent but also their heart for their brothers and sisters around the globe.

The relentless power metal riffing returns on “Bad Politicians,” which is not surprisingly a scathing call for accountability to the elite of government who are corrupt with power and control. I am once again impressed with Vitek’s precision, machine-gun drumming but Júnior’s bass guitar is vital to the rhythm as well.

The original release closes out with plenty of shred conviction on “Evil’s Puppets.” This middle tempo rocker once again features a solid mix of catchy rhythms, melodies, stout vocals and ripping bass and drums. I can’t emphasize enough how much Dynasty have improved every aspect of their music since inception.

Viginti Annis

The bonus tracks constitute a 20-year band tribute EP, but I’m not sure when these songs were recorded, although I would expect around the time Step by Step based on the sound quality and style of musicianship and delivery. “Goldenland” – one of Dynasty’s earliest songs – has been reworked here with orchestral introduction and elements throughout.  Spanish versions of “Inside my Heart” (“Dentro de Mi Corazon”), “Step by Step” (“Caminar”) and “Machado de Guerra” (“Hacho de Guerra”) are included. In true metal fashion, the EP closer is an epic version of the band’s iconic “Warriors of the King” replete with symphonic/orchestral introduction.

This CD reissue comes with a 12-page booklet and Silver Foil Trading Card Series #110. If you are a fan of power metal and you never heard of Dynasty, consider yourself informed!

Girder Records

Track Listing:

1. Somnum Exterreri Solebat (1:00)

2. Nightmare (5:12)

3. Inside My Heart (4:18)

4. Metal Pulse Radio (4:38)

5. Step by Step (5:00)

6. I’ll Be With You (4:01)

7. Machado De Guerra (5:21)

8. Sad Faces (4:55)

9. Bad Politicians (4:10)

10. Evil’s Puppets (4:04)


11. Goldenland’s Battle/Goldenland (7:00)

12. Dentro De Mi Corazon (4:19)

13. Hacha De Guerra (5:20)

14. Caminar (5:02)

15. Rex Militibus/Warriors of the Kings (6:12)

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