MEGADETH: Fan Posts Criticism Regarding European Bonus Track

What happened here was that I saw the review on the website, and thought, “Oh, I didn’t even know there was a new album.” I am one of those people that typically steers away from the “secular side” of metal, but I was a huge Megadeth fan back in the day and I am also a guy who will “listen to anything once.”

I had it playing while I worked, and thought, “Is that a Dead Kennedy’s song?” When I realized it was, I then thought, “Well, let’s see if Dave goes there.” And he did. LOL.

My intent was not to rebuke anybody, be a moral policeman, or anything along those lines. It was more like, “Hey, just for anyone’s consideration, here was my response to this.”

Here’s my email to Heaven’s Metal editor, Doug Van Pelt:

Greetings Doug,

I was a bit concerned with Megadeth’s new album and HM’s coverage/promotion of it. Not because they are “secular,” and not because Dave Mustaine is yet “carnal” in some ways, as we say. I am mostly concerned with encouraging Christian audiences, especially young people, to pick up an album that contains a cover of “Police Truck” by the Dead Kennedys.


Pull down your dress, here’s a kick in the a**
Let’s beat you blue, ’till you s*** your pants
Don’t move child, I gotta big black stick
There’s six of us babe, so suck on my d***

This is simply not anything a publication with Christian goals of any kind should be promoting.

I realize that we’ve all come a long way. Back in the day, it was sin to listen to anything “secular.” So we got over that (and rightly so, even though I am not sure it has really helped us any). Then we kind of got past our Puritanical and Victorian prudery. Again, probably good in some ways. Also bad in some ways.

But the bottom line is that we have a call to holiness and there have to be some lines drawn somewhere. I am not griping on you or judging you. I am sure you have a rationale for everything you do, and probably a good one.

But in this case? I just can’t see a justification. I like Dave. He’s a really interesting, smart guy. And I accept his testimony of faith in Christ. He is a great player and Megadeth writes great music.

Yet…yet…as believers there is a standard we are called to, and I think this one just steps over the line.

Thanks for listening,


Note from Editor: What do y’all think? I thought we’d share this (Jason’s last name was omitted for personal internet safety with my permission). The song in question was not released on the standard/USA release, but on a limited European release. Should we share information like this (when it is presented fairly, courtesy, and etiquette)? Your thoughts and opinion are appreciated. Hopefully, this turns out better than the typical Facebook slugfest. Consider this an experiment.

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