Melodic death metal band Symphony of Heaven has become a force to be reckoned with after only forming in 2017. Becoming a full-fledged extreme metal unit by 2019, Logan “Pathos” Thompson – the band’s founder – acquired a steady lineup of Renascent front man Eero Tertsunen on lead guitars, Timōrātus brainchild David “Timōrātus” Napier on bass, and Mystic Winter founder Mason “Asaph” Beard on drums.

Operating as a cohesive lineup for shy of five years, the band released The Ascension of Extinction EP and sophomore full-length album, Maniacal Entropik Discordium, both via Rottweiler Records. But like all great things, an end was inevitable; On July 8th, 2022, Napier departed from the band, after much prayer and consideration.

While the band has steadily been working on material since Napier’s departure, the band was halted in the need to search for a new member, however briefly. On October 10th, 2022, the band announced the induction of Tyler “Onyx” Brown, formerly of Forthright. Brown had previously filled in for the band when Napier was unable to perform due to a medical condition.

With Brown’s induction to the band, the growing force from Southern Indiana is continuing to work on their next release, to be released through the newly acquired Rottweiler Records. The band’s previous album, Maniacal Entropik Discordium, is available on their Bandcamp and wherever music is consumed.

You can purchase Maniacal Entropik Discordium here!

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