Kutless launches new podcast titled Rock In a Hard Place

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Christian rock veterans in Kutless have announced the launch of a new podcast titled Rock In a Hard Place. Hosted by Jon Micah Sumrall (vocals) and James Mead (guitar), the podcast will revisit crucial moments in Kutless history, sharing insight and humor along the way. You can subscribe to the podcast on your platform of choice at https://lnk.to/kutlesspodcast

“We’ve been through a lot of stuff over the last 20 years, and we’re planning on talking about that more in depth through the podcast,” Sumrall explains.

Rock In a Hard Place is a natural expansion of Kutless’ reintroduction over the past few months. The band recently released “Words of Fire,” their first new material in five years. Before that, they released an EP featuring reimagined versions of three songs from their 2002 debut album.

“We’ve grown, we’ve learned, there have been hard times, there have been fun times. Every step of the way as we revisited these songs, it brought back a lot of memories,” Sumrall says. “It was actually a really neat thing to come back and just reflect on 20 years of music and all that we’ve experienced.”

The first episode is available now, offering fans their first glimpse of Kutless’s origins. You can find it at https://lnk.to/kutlesspodcast

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