MARBLE TOMB: Releases Debut Album

“Dawn Of The Vertical Flame” is the debut album by Marble Tomb

Marble Tomb is a Black Metal band from the United States, formed in 2020 by E.O.S.

E.O.S. has played Black Metal for decades, beginning in the late 90s.

His band prior to Marble Tomb was dissolved and repurposed after growing disillusioned with a life path littered with nihilism and false, earthly pride.

Soon after, a decision was made to dedicate any and all music to Christ. Several of the old songs were re-written for the debut Marble Tomb album “Dawn of the Vertical Flame”.

Lyrically, the band explores Christian faith from various angles.

The 1st half of the album delves into the mythos of Vlad Tepes and attempts to separate fact from fiction regarding his life.

Marble Tomb has also announced that each release will feature its own track that harkens back to the early icons of the Black Metal genre. This kicks off with “Deus Serviam (Rising Christ) on the debut album”.

“Dawn of the Vertical Flame” features several allied guest musicians, about whom which little is known but all align for Marble Tomb’s mission and support the proliferation of Christian Black Metal.

One of note is DC Mills from Vials of Wrath fame, who contributed vocals to the final 2 tracks of the album.

Fall 2022 already sees the band writing for a 2nd album release, likely to arrive in early 2024.

Marble Tomb believe aggressive infiltration of the Black Metal scene as a whole is the best way to take the fight directly to the demonic elements in spiritual warfare.

When the true warriors Christian Black Metal stand triumphantly upon the heap of charred remains that once was Satanic Black Metal, what lies beneath our feet will be blacker than the darkest starless night.

“Black Metal” indeed…

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