TESTIMONY OF APOCALYPSE: None Escape the Judgement

After a long overdue hiatus members of Sacrament have returned!  Under the new moniker Testimony of Apocalypse (a nod to the debut Sacrament album by the same name) a new wall of thrash metal cacophony has erupted.
Michael Torone vocalist on the first Sacrament album has returned and delivers a powerful vocal performance. Former Sacrament drummer Paul Graham provides much thrashing and smashing on the drum kit.  Guitarist Nick Pacitti rounds out this trio, (Nick doubles on the bass and even triples on occasional keys).  Ancient Burials guitarist Cameron Nealey guest spots providing lead guitar on five songs.  The musicianship is top notch here, make no mistake about that.
Testimony of Apocalypse have self-described themselves as thrash and groove metal. That’s probably a pretty good description. Myself I’ve found them to be an amalgam of Testament, Voivod, Watchtower and Atheist on the musical side of things. Total thrash with some experimental passages that stretch their sound, it will reward the discriminating listener. Don’t despair with the word ‘experimental’ if you’re not familiar with some of the bands for comparison, the metal here is crushing with occasional drifting into lands unknown.   
Nicks crushing guitar riffs drive this powerhouse along.  From album opener Unleashed to the final exclamation of Blessed are the Dead, make no mistake this Testimony of Apocalypse is on a mission to provide world class music while also making a bold proclamation of the message of Jesus Christ.  The riffage on Lamb of God is quite good with several metallic passages with amazing dynamics and stellar lead playing by Nealey.
Truth vs Lies also showcases some powerhouse riffage provided by Nick. Paul Graham’s drums lock in so well with the musical cacophony above it, it makes it heavy.  Personally, my favorite track on the album Take My Spirit. 
Take My Spirit starts slowly with a moody acoustic intro with a mysterious vocal by Torone. When the riff hits the song starts to take off and it all locks together. Musical perfection and when Mike Torone hits the chorus of ‘Take My Spirit, Christ my Lord!’ it’s powerful and kicks up the backside. Mike has not lost a lick vocally since the debut Sacrament album. His vocal is all in the lower register, no cookie monster here, but has always been reminiscent to me of Testament vocalist Chuck Billy.  It is really good and delivers powerfully.
Production is clean and good be a little bit beefier, not necessarily thin but a lot of the dynamics are missed if I’m not listening in by Beyer Dynamics Studio headphones. When I listen in my headphones I hear so many things I miss if I’m just listening in my car.  This isn’t a criticism but just an observation.
Really my only ‘complaint’ is the song order. I know right? This is something I rarely comment on however, the first five songs all have a certain ‘vibe’ frankly a more direct pile driving atmosphere to them. Once you reach Take My Spirit to the last song there is a very different vibe going with more song dynamics.  On first listen I had a hard time distinguishing between some of the first five tracks, yet once I reach TMS there are a lot more dynamics.  I think to have interspersed a track like Walls or Majestad into the first five songs would have enhanced the impact.
Lyrically make no mistake, this is a christian release with scripture referenced throughout.  I mean throughout! Hats off!
The Charon Collective has delivered a really nice package with full lyrics and a factory pressed CD. Testimony of Apocalypse debut release None Escape the Judgement is a metallic juggernaut of superior thrash metal. Do yourself a favor and snatch this one before it’s gone!

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