DANIEL BAND: Dan McCabe Interview

Heaven’s Metal Staff Writer Brad Bowman captured Dan McCabe for an interview about Daniel Band, Toronto, and more. It’s another great and long interview, so get your popcorn out, sit back and enjoy.

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1 thought on “DANIEL BAND: Dan McCabe Interview

  1. Great interview! My best friend came home from his Christian college in 1984 when I was a senior in high school. He’d been working part time in the radio station on campus and they had been playing some Danial Band Straight Ahead on air and he brought some of the songs home for me to hear. I fell in love immediately and went out and bought Straight Ahead. I was blown away. Then I bought, On Rock and loved it. Then I bought every album they released thereafter upon release. While I love all their music, I think there was something special about Straight Ahead. All these years later, it’s still Straight Ahead that blows my mind. It was like capturing lightning in a bottle. The great lyrics, the passionate vocals, and the amazing music, was not quite like anything I’d heard in Christian music at the time and I’d heard most of the major Christian rock bands to that point. It prompted me to start taking guitar more seriously. It’s safe to say that Danial Band has been part of the soundtrack of my life since I was a senior in high school. Now, if we could only get some more Danial Band material. 🙂

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