EONIA: Releases New Single

Eonia Release New Single
Available From The Charon Collective

Eonia delivers a scorching new single that pushes the boundaries of what we know as progressive metalcore. “No Remembrance” continues to showcase the eclectic talent of Gabriel Smith as he blends together the complex guitar shredding of metal with the chugging riffage of hardcore. What transpires is four and a half minutes of emotionally charged mayhem that will please fans of Hopesfall, Periphery, and Misery Signals.

This single will be available January 13th to purchase and stream here.

You can also find them on your favorite streaming platform like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Tidal, Amazon Music, and more.   You can connect with Deathmerits through Instagram here.

You can connect with Eonia via Facebook here.

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Watch Eonia’s Official Video For “No Remembrance” On January 13th!  

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