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NASHVILLE, TN  | FEBRUARY 3, 2023: In “Tired Side of Content” is the third and final single from Chase Tremaine‘s forthcoming third album, Accidental Days: a song that marries bold proclamations and evocative imagery with the most urgent and immediately gratifying alt-rock of Tremaine’s burgeoning career.

Never before have the varied strengths and influences of the multi-instrumentalist – ranging from prog and post-hardcore to boy bands and smooth jazz – been so streamlined and focused than it is on “Tired Side of Content,” which manages to sound accessible and catchy while still boasting an adventurous, unpredictable edge. The song is poised to capture the ears of new fans while capturing the imagination of old fans, who (in the words of Tremaine) “should be on the lookout for multiple musical winks and nods to songs from the first two albums.

The artwork for the single cheekily includes the definition for “con-TENT” (to be satisfied), as not to be confused with “CON-tent” (information, material), even though the single will surely be considered mere “online content” by some. For Tremaine, “Tired Side” means much more: it is his striving point, his melodic reminder of the mindset he hopes to have in life. “I don’t want to spend my life thinking I can’t be happy if, you know, I don’t get a good night’s sleep,” Tremaine says about the song’s lyrics. “This song is my reminder that I can be joyful and satisfied, even if I’m tired or weak or just failing and flailing, as long as my life is being used to love and serve other people.

Accidental Days is a 10-track collection about the complex intersections between faith, friendship, work, heartbreak, and aging, across an expansive set of pop-rock compositions influenced by emo, math, post-hardcore, and jazz. Producer Brendan St. Gelais (known for his work with Carver Commodore, Zane Vickery, and Bre Kennedy) has pushed Tremaine’s sound into new levels of richness, depth, and beauty, while maintaining the emo-inflected authenticity, intricate guitar work, and lush vocals that have been his trademark since he released his debut Unfall in 2020.

Tired Side of Content” hits all streaming services and digital outlets on February 3, 2023, following the success of singles such as “Middle of My Words,” “Matter,” and “Fear Not Want.” Accidental Days is set to release on March 10, 2023. The album is produced, engineered, and mixed by Brendan St. Gelais, mastered by Sean Power at The Hilson Studio, and released independently in partnership with Post Emo Records.

About Chase Tremaine:

Dallas-born, Nashville-based songwriter Chase Tremaine spent over a decade playing for a wide variety of bands before branching out on his own. Passionate to keep his favorite genres thriving, from traditional pop to emo-rock, and gifted in mixing those genres together in fresh ways, he released his debut album Unfall in 2020, quickly followed by the expansive sophomore record Development & Compromise in 2021. The release of Accidental Days (March 10, 2023) sees the multi-instrumentalist making his most thrilling and broadly appealing album yet, with bigger vocals, richer soundscapes, and more honest lyrics than ever, marking him as an artist to watch in 2023.

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