OMEGA RAGE: Release New Album

Omega Rage Release Sophomore Album “You’re All Gonna Die”
Available Now Through The Charon Collective    
Omega Rage returns with their sophomore album, “You’re All Gonna Die.” This time around, the Tennessee trio has grown darker, heavier, and groovier to put a unique spin on their sound that combines elements of such diverse bands as Alice In Chains, Korn, and Whitechapel. Yet somehow, everything blends together to form a cohesive wall of sound and fury.

Energetic live performances in support of their debut album, “Prepare To Meet Thy God,” helped simultaneously fine-tune and give the band a raw grit that sets them apart from their contemporaries.  With “You’re All Gonna Die,” Omega Rage has created a whole new level of crushing riffs and melody that perfectly match the sense of urgency found in singer / guitar player Joshua Jordan’s insightful lyrics.

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