The Bible is an outdated relic that is just old history and is not relevant anymore

Hopefully, that headline grabbed you, and I pray you are very pissed off. THAT’S GOOD!

Sadly, that is the narrative that’s being spun in the Christian community, including our houses of worship. This headline is simply not true, but there is a growing population of Christians and people who not only believe this nonsense but are trying to extinguish the very flame that pulls all of this together. The Word. The gift of the scriptures.

Slowly but surely, bit by bit, with time on its side, a secular, if you will, this false narrative is slowly seeping into the psyche and mind structure of people across the planet, it is a very cleverly designed distraction authored by the red horned jackass, based on today’s description of who he is who cleverly created brilliant technological mechanisms reeking of rhetoric spin and false information (social media) that frankly has no redeeming quality other than making people feel good.

With artists such as Amy Grant, and many, many others falling away, we all are getting our fish, so to speak from the same pond and we aren’t even aware. This is where we get our information from, despite not knowing who that source is, or where it “truly” evolved. Think about that for a second. People are willing to kill someone over their beliefs, dogma, or dialog based on a narrative they learned from an undetermined source, who they believe is truth. Thats insane.

Sure, you could argue that since there is a multitude of people who partake in this digital realm, as scripture says, Matthew 18:20 NIV – “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Meaning a multitude of people praying is very effective. I agree with you, and you could argue that it helps others promote businesses or see long-lost relatives, that can’t be near, again fair point. But that’s not what’s happening.

We ALL bow down to this great altar and idol, there is such evil and decent, confusion, heresy, division, wickedness, and fear within this mainframe, all of which contradicts God, that’s truly overwhelming. The frightening part, that’s so truly evil, doesn’t even come off as sin. It’s slow, slow, slow trickling bits and pieces of indoctrination that we are all gulping up sip by sip. We are becoming our own God, Pastors, and religious leaders using huge words and incomprehensible content.

There’s a reason that Jesus used parables…HELLO! Think of it like this. Say we are all in a huge hot air balloon. It covers the entire planet, and within this balloon, everything we own houses, cars, schools, businesses, churches, everything is contained inside of this balloon. We are inside of this balloon, going about our daily lives and what we believe, and who we follow, relationships everything. Imagine if someone, ever so casually that we weren’t even aware was poking a small hole in our balloon with a pin or needle. And we didn’t take the time to notice. Eventually, the balloon would come crashing to the ground.

This is where we are right now. Our rights and privileges are being stripped away, and the lame Christians are doing NOTHING about it. Just sleeping, while the enemy is devouring us. AND because we are now our own Gods. Jesus said, “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” We are certainly divided, not only as a population but most importantly in the church.

The almighty is taking his hand off of us. Read it. It’s in the scriptures. We are moving away from what is intended for us by our creator. It’s a toxic poison that separates us from the one True and Living God, the Breath of Life, through the Daily Bread, the Holy scriptures. And that is its intention.

As far as I am concerned this all started in our day in the early 1970s when Roe Vs Wade was illegally passed, and in the early 1960’s the sexual revolution was created. This has brought us to where we are today. Our balloon is in a free fall and about to crash.

If this headline stirred something inside you, put down the Cheetos, get off the couch, and fight. Get in there. Not necessarily physically, but spiritually! Do something about it! Defend the unborn, and follow your heart. SERVE, Be a bold Christian, and Stand Tall for HIM who died for you! Don’t just be some Hillsong Groupie or Pew warmer. Look up and follow! Use your gifts and talents to further HIS Kingdom!